We support communities by holding banks and corporations accountable.

With over 300 member organizations across California that provide services to low-income communities and communities of color, CRC works to advance a fair and inclusive economy.

CRC advocates for bank and corporate investment, lending, and financial services that expand access to affordable housing, small business ownership, good jobs, and other resources that build household and community wealth.


Here to Stay

Immigrants are integral to California’s economy and culture. In the face of heightened anti-immigrant policies and rhetoric, CRC’s work helps to ensure that everyone has access to the American Dream. This campaign develops immigrant grassroots leaders to advocate for community-driven solutions to the challenges of income instability and economic mobility, while driving civic participation.

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Disrupting Displacement Financing

California’s displacement crisis most affects residents of color and low-income residents who can no longer afford to live in the communities they have been a part of, often for generations. Banks and investors who sign on to our Anti-Displacement Code of Conduct vow not to finance landlords who use loopholes to evict tenants, but instead to invest in affordable housing.


Holding Banks Accountable

Banks and financial institutions make decisions every day that profoundly impact our lives. CRC works to ensure that formerly marginalized communities are central to this decision making. Over the past five years, we have negotiated win-win agreements with banks that have resulted in over $30 billion in people-centered investments in low-income communities.

Recent Research

Recent Research