We support communities by holding banks and corporations accountable.

With over 300 member organizations across California that provide services to low-income communities and communities of color, CRC works to advance a fair and inclusive economy.

CRC advocates for bank and corporate investment, lending, and financial services that expand access to affordable housing, small business ownership, good jobs, and other resources that build household and community wealth.

CRC Strategic Plan: A Vision We Can Believe In

CRC has released an exciting new strategic plan that meets the movement we’re in. The new strategic plan creates a roadmap to reimagine systems of capital, how to confront white supremacy in the financial sector and how to build a people’s movement that centers the leadership of Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities. 


Recovery for all Californians: COVID-19 Resources and Updates

Crises are not great equalizers; they lay bare racial inequities and uncover deep structural flaws in social and economic systems. We are working to ensure relief and recovery efforts are combined with fundamental structural changes that shift power to people and communities, so that capital is redistributed equitably and economic decisions are made democratically.


Public Banks: Public dollars for the Greater Good

Traditional financial institutions are motivated first and foremost by profits. They extract wealth from the earth, workers, and communities without regard to how their decisions impact the well-being of BIPOC communities or the sustainability of these choices. CRC is working to build democratic and alternative banking models to generate capital to advance the economic well being of communities that have been excluded from profit first banking models.



Disrupting Displacement Financing

California’s displacement crisis most affects residents of color and low-income residents who can no longer afford to live in the communities they have been a part of, often for generations. Banks and investors who sign on to our Anti-Displacement Code of Conduct vow not to finance landlords who use loopholes to evict tenants, but instead to invest in affordable housing.

FRB Bank Protest2